City Hill Arts

Founded in late 2018, with operations commencing in August 2019, City Hill Arts is a mission-driven media company dedicated to inspiring family entertainment with impact.

We believe great stories have the power to raise awareness of socially important issues… build community… and, ultimately, transform people’s hearts and minds in a positive way.

City Hill Arts is dedicated to inspiring family entertainment with impact, with projects that include original concepts, literary adaptations, biopics, or documentaries. We are particularly drawn to great drama or adventure that may be in a variety of genres but share a common thread:

  • Inspiring: Show the triumph or transformation of the human spirit overcoming adversity in a powerful way
  • Family entertainment: Entertaining for family members of different ages based on content (rated G to PG-13)
  • Impactful: Positioned for commercial success relative to budget, and for critical acclaim based on exceptional writing and talent

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

Muriel Rukeyser